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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Baby Roborovski Hamsters For Sale

These Baby Roborovski Hamsters For Sale are for sale by a third party advertiser. Not direct from or on behalf of www.Harry-Hamster.co.uk

Oak Farm Roborovskis - Baby Roborovski Hamsters available from Experienced Roborovski breeder and member of the Midland Hamster Club.

Baby Roborovski Hamsters For Sale

Agouti babies always available and Husky babies sometimes available.

All parents can be seen and all parents are very healthy and very tame - all babies will also be very tame and very healthy at the time of going to their new homes.

As most Roborovski Hamsters are sociable, they will only be sold in pairs.

All of my Roborovski babies come complete with:

Full Colour 3+ Generation Pedigree,
Birth Certificate,
Detailed Care Sheet and Feed Sheet,
1 Weeks food supply and
Roborovski Travel Case

and they are available to good homes only!

Please feel free to contact me for any further information and photos, or to arrange a visit to come and see my Roborovskis.

Genuine Enquiries only please!

£15 (per same sex pair)

Oak Farm Roborovskis, Kingswinford, West Midlands

Telephone No: 07841 578804 07841 578804

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