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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Buying a Hamster

Buying a hamster should not be a decision taken lightly.Buying a hamster should not be a decision taken lightly. You will have a lot to consider.

Who is going to look after this new addition to the family – because that is what you are doing – adding to your family?

Where will your hamster take a holiday when you take yours for those two weeks over Christmas next year?

Who will keep the cage clean?  - Bear in mind this involves hot water!

Where will your hamster buy be kept? In the Lounge? Child's bedroom? Where? Remember it can’t be too hot, too cold or draughty!

Tip: Get a cardboard box about 500mm (1 foot 6 inches) by 500mm by 1000mm (3 feet), about the size of an egg case, and place it where you think your hamster cage might fit either on its end or side.

When you have found somewhere suitable, where it won’t get knocked over, leave it there for a couple of days to see if it is likely to get in the way! This will also help you decide on the type of cage you are going to buy. If horizontal style like the Crittertrail and Habitrail or the stacking type like Rotastak.

Most people buy hamsters from their local pet shop with little thought.Most people buy hamsters from their local pet shop with little thought. It is worth planning where you are to go about buying a hamster of your choice. Your local pet shop may limit you to one or two single hamsters. You are likely to get a bigger selection of breed types and choice from hamster breeders. You don’t have to go about buying a hamster the same place as you buy hamster food!

Having decided the type of hamster you want to keep. You should consider whether you want to keep a solitary hamster, a (breeding) pair or even a small group of same sex dwarf hamsters.

You will be keen to acquire a healthy specimen or specimens. Bright eyed with nice looking fur is a good starting point. (See: HEALTH)

Syrian hamsters are best kept as solitary pets but if you are planning on keeping two or more dwarf hamsters together then buying a hamster from a pet shop is not really an option unless they have a large sexed stock.

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