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Chinese Hamsters - Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Picture of Chinese Hamster - Thanks Alison Wallis

Chinese Dwarf Hamster courtesey Amanda Mcwhinney The Chinese hamster was the first of the dwarf hamsters to be kept as a domestic pet. Although the Chinese dwarf hamster is not scientifically classified as a dwarf hamster but as a ‘rat like hamster’ they are patently dwarf when compared to their Syrian hamster cousins.

They are a longer and thinner looking than their other cousins the Russian hamster and have a tail. Their tail can be as long as 3 cm.

Picture of Chinese Hamster - Thanks Alison WallisThe colouration of the dwarf Chinese hamster is now quite varied from almost white, light beige to brown with almost white undersides. All have a dark stripe down the spine and a matching spot on the head. There is a variety called ‘dominant spot’ which relates to a number of whitish spots on the darker background which can vary in number.

Chinese Dwarf Hamster courtesey Amanda Mcwhinney The Chinese hamster is not as easy to be tamed as other dwarf hamsters and if perseverance fails to bring your pet to hand then there is always the fascination of just observing this beautiful creature, which will give you many hours of pleasure in any case. It would appear, from what I have read that the Chinese hamster will bite more often than any other hamster but I do not know this to be an observed fact.

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