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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Dwarf Hamsters as Pets

Dwarf hamsters as pets - The dwarf hamster needs gentle handling.Dwarf hamsters as pets need gentle handling. This makes it an unsuitable first pet for a very young child. The person handling the dwarf hamster must we aware of the amount of pressure they are exerting on the body of this tiny creature. We suggest that the age of six or even seven should be the youngest age for anyone handling any dwarf hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters as pets - There are several dwarf hamster species available in the UK through pet shops and specialist breeders. Before you venture off in search of your pet dwarf hamster you should get to know the differences between the species. It may be helpful to identify them by description as well as visually.

The Chinese Dwarf Hamster - Dwarf hamsters as pets

The Chinese Dwarf Hamster: A long, slim, mouse like hamster with a 3 cm tail. Body length to 10 cm The Chinese Dwarf Hamster:

A long, slim, mouse like hamster with a 3 cm tail. Body length to 10 cm. Colour variations occur now, from pale beige to the colour shown, with a light 'stripe' down the middle of the back.

Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamsters - Bill and Ben - Dwarf hamsters as petsCampbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamster:

The most commonly available dwarf hamster. The largest of the dwarf hamsters. A well rounded hamster with a short blunt head with small ears and large eyes. Body length 8 – 10 cm. Now occurring in light grey to the colour shown, with an obvious 'stripe down the middle of the bach.

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster:

Similar to Campbell’s but has the ability to change colour during the cold winter months. Less rounded with a longer face and more prominent eyes. Body length 7 – 9 cm

Roborovski’s Hamster:

The smallest dwarf hamster available. Body length to 5 cm and looks more like a baby hamster or miniature.

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