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Hamster Accessory - Hamster Accessories

A hamster cage accessory is an important part of your hamster’s world. Swings, roundabouts, tubes, plastic houses, see-saws and balls are amongst some of the available items.

A wooden hamster accessory is a good idea as this can give your hamster something to gnaw on. This is essential to help keep the hamsters teeth worn down. Their teeth continue growing throughout their lives.

A hamster cages accessory can also give the pet hamster variation of texture in their surroundings. A tubular hamster accessory gives the hamster a sense of security where they can hide for a snooze.

The favourite hamster accessory is the hamster wheel.Hamster Wheel: The favourite hamster accessory is the hamster wheel.

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The wheel is a really a necessity for your hamster who in the wild will travel up to five kilometres a day (or should I say night!) The hamster instinctively runs on or in the wheel and this will help burn off some of the hamster’s surplus energy and keep it trim. To avoid accidental trapping an integral solid wheel or one fixed to the bottom or side of the cage. A wheel without rungs is preferable.

A travelling case is a handy addition to the hamster accessory list. This is helpful when a trip to the vet is needed or if taking your stud hamster to visit a girlfriend or vice versa.

Cyber Ball 2The hamster ball is a popular method of exercising a hamster with small hamster balls available for dwarf hamsters.

We recommend the one on a demountable stand shown

Cyber Ball 2

the "Cyber Ball 2" as it can be removed from its stand, so your pet can take a wander and get to know his surroundings!

Superpet Roll-A-Nest 6"Your hamster will feel right at home in this natural grass nook, a 100% natural habitat hand woven from sisal to provide a safe, cosy indoor wilderness.

Superpet Roll-A-Nest 6"

One of the first things we bought was a coconut. Take off the end where the ‘eyes’ are and remove the fresh coconut flesh from inside (yummy!). Once this is done thoroughly clean out the shell. Our hamsters have made their coconut shells into snug bedrooms. Two dwarf hamsters manage to get in and curl up together without too much bother. A small terracotta plant pot is just as useful.

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