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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Hamster Cages and Hamster Homes

We hadn't been keeping Hamsters very long. But what we soon found out about Hamster cages, homes and housing we would like to pass on to you.

Modern hamster cages are available from any good pet shop but in our experience buying on the internet can save you many pounds. The way to obtain a cheap hamster cage is definitely on the internet.

Buy Hamster Cages

Rotastak Hamster Cages:

We bought the Rotastak Creepy Castle themed hamster cage from our recommended online merchant and saved money on the High Street price!

Hamster Cages - Rotastak seem to be the most popular as they are so adaptable as Hamster housing.Rotastak seem to be the most popular as they are so adaptable as Hamster housing. Like the name suggests you can stack them from the ground to ceiling, thereby saving you lots of space. They are easy to clean.

Rotastak Cosmo Pod starter homes are handy tent shaped units that can be connected to form little village style properties for your pets.

Habitrail Hamster Cages :

Habitrail Hamster CagesHabitrail Ova Hamster Home, This is a complete home & and more for your hamster! The set shown is the Habitrail Safari Kit The ideal hamster environment. The new Safari range features a radically new design and colour-scheme, bring a fully themed adventure to your hamster's life. Approx 16"Lx10"Wx8.5"H (46cm x 26cm 222cm)

Habitrail Hamster Homes

Crittertrail Hamster Cages :

Hamster Cages - Crittertrail hamster	cage, Crittertrail The mini 2 is the portable pet home for small pets.Crittertrail hamster cage, Crittertrail The mini 2 is the portable pet home for small pets. The perfect size for dwarf hamsters and mice. It comes complete with a Water Bottle and Food dish. Four add-on accessory locations provide for the addition of exciting components and/or connection to other Crittertrail homes.Crittertrail Hamster Cages

To visit our favourite recommended web merchant click here for: Hamster Cages including Rotastak, Habitrail, Other hamster home, Rotastak Accessories, Habitrail Accessories, Other Small Animal Home Accessories and other cages for hamsters.

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