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Hamster Health and Hamster Illness

Hamster Illnesses

Hamster Illness - Hamster Illnesses - Hamster Health - Hamster IllnessesA well cared for hamster will seldom fall ill. But if your hamster does become ill and you are unsure what to do, please see your vet.

Some of the more common hamster health problems and hamster illnesses are discussed in this section.

Hamster Health - Broken Bones:

Occasionally you may accidentally drop your pet hamster, resulting in a broken limb. You will not be able to set the limb by splinting the tiny limb (neither will your vet). Your hamster has a natural ability to bear what would be excruciating pain. The limb is best left alone. Move the hamster to a separate cage if normally housed with other. Or restrict its movement up and down floors if kept in a stacking system cage. Remove the exercise wheel for a week or so to give the limb chance to heal naturally.

Hamster Illnesses - Colds:

If you have a cold, try not to spread it to your hamster. If your hamster is not protected from draughts then just like us they can catch a cold or chill. Like us they will look rough, with watery eyes and runny nose. Your hamster will become lethargic and probably huddle up in a corner or even stay in bed. The only hamster health remedy available to you is to keep your hamster warm and make sure plenty of water is taken. Use an eye dropper if necessary.

Hamster Illness - Diarrhoea (Wet Tail):

Hamster poo is normally dark brown to black and quite firm to hard. You will recognise Diarrhoea as the poo is very wet or even watery. The best way to treat this is to stop feeding any vegetables of a watery consistency, like cucumber or lettuce until the Wet Tail dries up. (See Worms)

Hamster Health - Heatstroke:

This is a preventable hamster illness caused by over exposure to heat or direct sun. Your hamster will be immobile and look damp and sweaty. The remedy is to use a mist gun with cold water. Spraying the sick hamster all over but try not to saturate the fur.

Hamster Health - Mites:

You may notice your hamster scratching a lot; has some hair loss or scaly patches of skin. If after examination with a magnifying glass you detect any minute movement or still suspect mites. This is best treated by your vet unless you have previous hamster health experience in this area.

Hamster Illnesses - Tumours:

A common hamster illness - Hamsters commonly get tumours in old age. This will show itself as a lump that doesn’t go away with time anywhere on the hamster’s body. If the hamster shows no sign of distress then leave well alone. If however your hamster appears to be in pain then it will be more humane to let your vet put the hamster to sleep.

Hamster Illnesses - Worms:

If your hamster has worms it will suffer with wet poo, probably show a distended underbelly and look out of condition generally. Upon inspection with a magnifying glass, tiny roundworms may sometimes be seen around the bottom or in the poo. This can be treated with a proprietary kitten wormer that you can buy from any pet shop, mixed into your hamster’s drinking water bottle at the same recommended dosage mixture or weaker.

Hamster Health - Wounds:

Bites or Scratches can occur if hamsters are kept in colonies. These are best either left alone if small or treated with iodine or a salve like ‘Germolene' or other brand antiseptic product.

The injured hamster may be removed to a ‘hospital wing’.

A small scratch should not affect your hamsters health.

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