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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Hamster Names

Popular Hamster Names - Naming a Pair of Hamsters

Hamster NamesIt's not just because hamsters are so cute that we buy them in pairs, they are social animals in same sex groups, and they really lend themselves to cute paired naming conventions like Thelma and Louise, Salt and Pepa, Butch and Sundance, Minnie and Mickey, Shrek and Fiona, Donald and Daisy, etc. Naming hamsters after comic book pairings is another popular hamster names convention including Pixie and Dixie, Batman and Robin, Zan and Janna, Marvin and Wendy, Bill and Ben and more. Naming a pair of hamsters is sometimes easier than naming just one.

When picking out the right name for your hamster, it may actually mean spending some time getting to know your hamster’s personality. After all, naming a shy and scared hamster Arnie may seem funny at first, but irony isn’t always the best way to choose a hamster's name.

Whatever you call your new hamster friend, make sure you are fully committed to taking proper care of it.

Popular hamster names come in all shapes and sizes. Standard names like Britney, Barbie and Bubbles are just as likely to be the fun choices for a hamster’s name.

Names for hamsters come from a multitude of sources: cartoons, television shows and even baby name books. Cute names appeal to children, particularly girls. A girl buying a hamster is just as likely to name her hamster after a favourite character in a book like Trixie, Cupcake or Chrissa) or even a television character line Hannah, Montana and others.

Boys are less likely to go for the cute names. Standard names include Harry. A popular chapter book series features the adventures of a hamster named Freddy, becoming an increasingly popular name chosen by boys and girls.

When it comes to picking out a name for a hamster, it’s important to choose a name that has meaning for you. Hamsters do not answer to their name the way a dog or a cat does but that doesn’t mean you should not name them.

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