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Dwarf Hamsters Fighting

How do I stop my dwarf hamsters fighting?

A sociable group of young hamsres - but how do you stop your dwarf hamsters fighting?

We get emails all the time asking us how to stop dwarf hamsters fighting. The short answer is you can't. Once dwarf hamsters get to maturity, although sociable little creatures, they become territorial, particularly if unrelated and kept together since birth.

Dwarf Hamsters although more sociable than Syrians are still bound by instinct, they will usually stay peacefully as a pair or in small 'family' group of same species, either same sex or mixed (which we do not recommend).

Play-fighting will definitely occur as the pair or group are establishing an order of dominance, they may squeak a lot but there is not a lot of actual physical contact as this develops.

If however, the fighting gets very physical and prolonged then it has got to a stage that the hamsters don't get along and will definitely need to be separated.

We're sorry to say that nature will take its course and there will be fur flying and one or more of a group may end up with serious injuries or even be killed.

Tell-tale signs of a real problem are continued squeaking through the night. This is when dwarf hamsters are naturally active and doing what hamsters do. Fighting is a dwarf hamster's natural way of defending it's territory.

Hamsters usually get bitten on their feet, ears or in the tail region, so if you see bleeding in these areas or even notice older scars, you might like to consider separating out the aggressor from a group or divide a pair.

Once you have kept adult dwarf hamster individuals in separate cages, even for a day, they will probably forget their family group scent, which tells them that they are really friends.

Dwarf hamsters have a very short memory span so when they meet another hamster they only really want to do one of two things - fight or fornicate.

Our three top tips for preventing dwarf hamsters fighting are:

Give your dwarf hamster group lots of distractions by giving them ample space, with plenty of hiding places, burrowing chambers etc, multiple sleeping areas and toys. This will reduce their stress levels that are created by having to live together in an enclosed space.

Do not keep dwarf hamster apart for very long. They will forget who their friends are, due to the fact they forget their friend scent smell.

Do not keep fighting hamsters together hoping they will stop, the chances are they will fight to the end!

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