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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Treat Your Small Furry Pets To A New Style Of Animal House

‘Qute’ is a super-stylish pet home for hamsters, gerbils and mice

‘Qute’ is a super-stylish pet home for hamsters, gerbils and mice, cleverly designed so that cleaning takes less than a minute.

Omlet, creators of the iconic Eglu® urban chicken coop and the Beehaus®Qute is the latest animal house designed by Omlet, creators of the iconic Eglu® urban chicken coop and the Beehaus®, a revolutionary beehive for keeping bees and making your own honey.

A fusion of contemporary furniture and innovative pet housing, Qute provides an ideal habitat for small furry pets that’s perfectly suited to any modern living space. More than an ordinary pet home, it also provides a surface for books, toys, picture frames and other items, further integrating it into a room.

Says Omlet co-founder William Windham “If you have a beautiful home, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look by giving your children an ugly pet house. Placed either in bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens, Qute enhances the space whilst providing a fantastic talking point.

‘Qute’ is a super-stylish pet home for hamsters, gerbils and miceThis spacious, two-storey animal abode is remarkably easy to clean. With the pets safely stowed upstairs, the deep bedding tray simply slides out for easy cleaning. The bedding tray also provides a mobile pen for children to bring their pets out to play wherever they are.

Available in a crisp white finish, Qute comes with a colourful tube, feeding bowl, water bottle and exercise wheel. A handy compartment is conveniently located under the house for optional storage of food and bedding.

Qute is available to order directly from www.omlet.co.uk or by calling 0845 450 2056, priced from £119.

Dimensions of Qute: W 473mm x H 820mm x D 367mm

We also produce urban housing for rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as offering a wide variety of grooming products and fun gifts for all the family. Check out www.omlet.co.uk for more information.

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