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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster. Information about hamsters.

Harriet the USB Hamster - No Hamster Cage Required

The USB Hamster from www.USBNow.co.uk

USB Hamster - No cage required!If you're looking for a pet hamster, not a virtual hamster, a hamster that doesn't make a mess, need cleaning out every week, is only active when you are and won't ever bite you, then the computer USB powered Hamster, the latest edition to the USB gadget toy range of USBNow.co.uk is the hamster for you.

We have test driven our USB Hamster and not only is it great fun to watch, it has actually increased productivity! This cute little creature will run (and run) in the wheel as you type. Connect your USB Hamster to your vacant port and away you both go! The faster you type, the faster this hamster runs.

A (fairly) real looking hamster in an exercise wheel plugs into USB port needing Windows 2000/XP support. The last time we checked the USB.co.uk website the USB Hamster was £15.99 inc. VAT and delivery.

By the way we call our USB Hamster - Harriet (Harry Hamster's mate). Harriet has given us hours of novelty fun, is not frightened by loud noises, has never tried to escape and is a lot cheaper in the long run than a real hamster.

Check out the USB Hamster HERE

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